How to register your business.
To integrate your business with our platform, you need to first register on our developer sandbox which enables you to conduct exhaustive integration tests & monitoring from a centralized place before you go live with your service/product.
Registration links Sandbox https://sandbox.merchant.dusupay.com
When satisfied with your integration setup and testing, facilitation would be made to take your business integration live.
1. After submitting the form successfully, you should receive an email with a verification code to confirm that you own the email address. Check your spam if you do not find it in your inbox.
Contact [email protected] If you fail to receive your verification email. You will be required to provide your account details used at registration. Also, inform us on whether it's the sandbox or live platform you were registering for.
2. Once you have entered the verification form on the next form and submitted it successfully, you will be able to access your merchant automatically added under your user account profile generated using the details provided via the registration form.
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