Below are some of the keywords and their descriptions that will be used under several sections of this documentation.


Is also know as web callback or HTTP push API. It's a way for an app to provide other applications with real-time information or data.
The data can also be referred to as webhook or callback data.
The HTTP URL reserved to receive the data from another application(Dusupay) is called a webhook or callback URL
Therefore webhook and callback can be used inter-changeably


With reference to the webhook definition or understanding above, the webhook-hash is an extra piece of information that we include in the data sent to the webhook URL.
If you set your webhook-hash value under your merchant account API settings to say "XYZ", we will include a header webhook-hash with value "XYZ" Header: "webhook-hash: XYZ" This means that before your application where the webhook URL targets, receives data from Dusupay, it should first verify that the header "webhook-hash" contains the expected value "XYZ" known between Dusupay and the application receiving the information sent to the webhook URL as an extra level of security
NOTE We don't generate or provide you the webhook hash You are expected to simply generate a random string of at least 16 characters that cannot be guessed. Use it as the webhook hash value wherever you require to and set it under your merchant account.
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