International Card Payments
International cards include VISA, Master Card, American Express and the like that can be used globally to make payments.

Getting international card provider_id's

These are country-based and therefore, you need to use, Payment Providers API to find the available provider_id's per country you need to accept local card payments.
The provider_id will be returned in the payment provider response data for the specified country only if it's supported.

Setting provider_id

We currently only support, 3D processing by default. This means that the customer's bank or card must be enabled for 3D authentication for them to complete their card payments
To make an international card payment, you will need to set the request body parameter, provider_idas any of the international card provider_id's supported.
Sample Request Body
"provider_id": "international_usd",
Note that the local card provider_id's have a prefix, international, and a suffix as the base currency of the country it belongs e.g usd as in the sample above

Processing with VISA/MasterCard from other countries

When you set the provider_id to, international_usd, it simply means any customer with a VISA card among international card providers will be charged but in, USD regardless of which country the international card belongs to.
If you also set the provider_id to say, international_eur, the customer can still use their VISA or Master card to pay but they will be charged in, EUR currency and your EUR merchant sub-account will be credited with value in EUR. The same applies to other currency suffixes to these provider_id's
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