Local Card Payment
These enable customers to use local cards supported for their country of origin. Africa has so many countries and each can have unique local cards that work only within their local banks.

Getting local card provider_id's

These are country-based and therefore, you need to use, Payment Providers API to find the available provider_id's per country you need to accept local card payments.
The provider_id will be returned in the payment provider response data for the specified country only if it's supported.

Setting provider_id

Local cards are country-based and are charged in their base currency of the country where they belong.
This option will require a customer to provide their card pin for the payment to be processed in the web-view/browser
To make a local card payment, you will need to set the request body parameter, provider_idas any of the local card provider_id's supported.
Sample Request Body
"provider_id": "local_ngn",
Note that the local card provider_id's have a prefix, local, and a suffix as the base currency of the country it belongs e.g ngn as in the sample above
Not all local countries we support have local card options available.
Last modified 1yr ago