Dusupay is a platform that enables merchants to collect and payout from 15+ countries across Africa & securely process online payments using any payment channel of choice.

Dusupay platform is built to facilitate simple, fast, and secure payments from consumers to businesses. Built on the foundation of simplicity it provides incredibly fast and easy access to a variety of secure payment options to buy goods and services from merchants within and outside of Africa.

This Documentation is dedicated to Dusupay merchants or developers with websites/web-apps that have/need to integrate Dusupay for payments processing.

Platform features

Sanbox Environment

This is a utility platform built to allow merchants simulate the workflows of the production/live environment. The sandbox environment offers an API that the merchant integrates first to test the platform and perform UATs. It offers test accounts that the merchant can use to try out the different operations of the API without affecting customer funds in the real world. When all tests are done to the satisfaction of the merchant and the DusuPay support staff, the merchant can then be approved to go live.

We intend to make your migration from the sandbox to live smooth that you will only need to change the API endpoints and application keys and everything will work as expected.

Production Environment

Under this environment, real funds can be requested from real customers. In order for the merchant to be accepted to use the production environment, they will have completed the compliance/KYC phase and also integrated the sandbox API for all the required tests.You will need approval from [email protected] to transact live through this platform's API.

Async Processing

The DusuPay Payments API is asynchronous; meaning the merchant doesn't need to wait on the same request thread to obtain the new status of the transaction. The confirmation of the transaction status will be via a callback/webhook/IPN POST request. We will therefore require that you share the https URL for your callback endpoint and it will be configured on the merchant account accordingly.


DusuPay provides a management portal to all merchants. This is the central point to manage your business. It allows for creation of multiple merchant accounts and provides reports for all the activity on the different accounts. It also offers accounts statements to reflect how the merchant balances have changed over time. For every merchant account, API settings can be configured to support the integration.

API Endpoint

The DusuPay API can be accessed using the following base URL

This URL is for the sandbox platform. When you are ready to start live transactions, the base URL for the production environment will be shared via your registered email address.

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