Customer Support Platforms

There are several avenues from which you can reach out to us or we can keep in touch with you.


You are required to share your Skype IDs with us from which our support team will create a merchant support group for you. Feel free to reach out to us in these groups at any time. Two groups are created, one for technical support and the general support.


We have several email addresses from which you can reach out to us. Endeavour to use the right email channel based on your needs.

  1. [email protected]:- use this for any sales related inquiries.

  2. [email protected] :- use this for any legal related issues.

  3. [email protected] :- use this for any inquiries regarding DusuPay.

  4. [email protected] :- use this for any finance related issues such as settlements, deposits e.t.c.

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