Merchant On-boarding

To integrate your business with our platform, you need to follow all the steps in the on-boarding process below.

On-boarding process

  1. Submit an up to date KYC: Share the KYC information to our legal department at [email protected].

  2. A copy of a DusuPay-Merchant agreement will be shared with you via email: You are required to read the agreement carefully and sign.

  3. Integration starts: With all the above steps successfully completed, integration starts where a registration form for account creation is first shared with you via the contact email for which you will fill in and send back to us.

  4. Account creation: After we have successfully verified details in your registration form, two accounts(sandbox/testing account and a live/production account) are created using the details you shared.

  5. Login into your account and retrieve your application keys to get started.

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