Cross Currency Transactions

This allows you to collect funds in one currency and receive them in another currency. This conversion is done automatically by our API.
Sample Request
Sample Response
"api_key": "pk_eridsdsde23e23e2. Get this from your merchant account settings",
"currency": "USD",
"amount": 0.2,
"provider_id": "mtn_ug" // Get list of providers from the Providers API",
"account_number": "256777111000",
"merchant_reference": "Your payment reference",
"narration": "Short Payment reason",
"redirect_url": "optional. used for payments completed via payment_url returned ",
"account_name": "optional",
"account_email": "optional",
"voucher": "optional. Required for Ghana vodafone mobile money"
"code": 202,
"status": "accepted",
"message": "Transaction Initiated",
"data": {
"id": 226,
"request_amount": 0.2,
"request_currency": "USD",
"account_amount": 737.9934,
"account_currency": "UGX",
"transaction_fee": 21.4018,
"total_credit": 716.5916,
"provider_id": "mtn_ug",
"merchant_reference": "76859aae-f148-48c5-9901-2e474cf19b71",
"internal_reference": "DUSUPAY405GZM1G5JXGA71IK",
"transaction_status": "PENDING",
"transaction_type": "collection",
"message": "Transaction Initiated",
"customer_charged": false,
"payment_url": "This only exists if the payment needs to be completed from a web browser.",
"instructions": [
"step_no": "1",
"description": "Ensure that you have sufficient balance on your MTN Mobile Money account"
"step_no": "2",
"description": "Approve the payment request sent to your phone"
"customer_charged": true