Cross Currency Transactions

This allows you to collect funds in one currency and receive them in another currency. This conversion is done automatically by our API.

    "api_key": "pk_eridsdsde23e23e2. Get this from your merchant account settings", 
    "currency": "USD", 
    "amount": 0.2,
    "provider_id": "mtn_ug" // Get list of providers from the Providers API", 
    "account_number": "256777111000",
    "merchant_reference": "Your payment reference", 
    "narration": "Short Payment reason",
    "redirect_url": "optional. used for payments completed via payment_url returned ",
    "account_name": "optional",
    "account_email": "optional",
    "voucher": "optional. Required for Ghana vodafone mobile money"

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