There are a couple of settings that are necessary before you transact as follows

  1. Set a public webhook URL under your merchant account API Settings if you haven't yet. This URL will receive both collection and payout webhook data or IPN's. The data will include the transaction type for you to easily differentiate between a collection and payout request. Transaction details like merchant reference, error message, and status among others will also be included.

  2. Set a webhook-hash under your merchant account API Settings. This is not mandatory but it can be an additional layer of security for you. You can always verify the value before accepting the webhook data to ensure that it came from us.

  3. Account Approval is mandatory. Please ensure that your merchant account has been approved before you begin integrating the API. You can always contact [email protected] for account approval. And don't forget to include which portal(live/sandbox) your account was registered so as to avoid any unnecessary delays.

  4. Payment methods that you need to be enabled for your merchant account should be activated before integration to avoid unnecessary errors during integration.

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